housing crisis 1.78   Consequently, we have an affordable housing crisis.
  grave crisis 1.65   But Russia is in grave crisis.
  real crisis 1.65   But the real crisis is not this one.
  albanian crisis 1.58   Albanian crisis raises concerns in Italy.
  afghan crisis 1.51   We also have soundbites from the UN debate on the Afghan crisis.
  east_asian crisis 1.51   How do we explain the East Asian crisis?
  foreign crisis 1.45   A new foreign crisis?
  impending crisis 1.45   Seleznyov denied an impending crisis in the party.
  indonesian crisis 1.38   Concern remains over Indonesian crisis.
  korean crisis 1.38   The handling of the Korean crisis is a clear example.
  mid-life crisis 1.38   So much for the mid-life crisis.
  zairean crisis 1.38   He is to meet Mobutu on Tuesday on the Zairean crisis.
  great crisis 1.32   In times of great crisis, great leaders emerge.
  social crisis 1.32   We have a social crisis.
  southeast_asian crisis 1.32   China dodges Southeast Asian crisis.
  crippling crisis 1.25   The country has recently been hit by a crippling economic crisis.
  environmental crisis 1.25   If not properly governed, these may result in an environmental crisis.
  protracted crisis 1.25   The country continues in a state of protracted crisis.
  african crisis 1.18   U.S. unlikely to get involved in African crises.
  algerian crisis 1.18   He also warned against internationalizing the Algerian crisis.
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