fresh crisis 1.18   Last week the adults threw the district into a fresh crisis.
  acute crisis 1.12   His visit now comes amid an acute political crisis in Serbia.
  cambodian crisis 1.12   Efforts by the Asean troika, established to heal the Cambodian crisis, could be near an end.
  health_care crisis 1.12   Before that, there was the health care crisis.
  brewing crisis 1.05   A brewing political crisis?
  previous crisis 1.05   Broder even invoked a previous crisis.
  genuine crisis 0.99   The welfare system was in genuine crisis.
  lingering crisis 0.99   The slump is a result of the lingering Asian economic crisis.
  possible crisis 0.99   The New York Islanders were facing a possible crisis on Monday night.
  brazilian crisis 0.92   And if we say economy, we mean in the Brazilian crisis.
  devastating crisis 0.92   The calls intensified in the wake of the devastating financial crisis that hit Argentina.
  full-fledged crisis 0.92   If Los Angeles should buckle, the state could face a full-fledged fiscal crisis.
  profound crisis 0.92   But in recent days days the financial disarray has turned into a profound political crisis.
  rwandan crisis 0.92   Some try to make the most of the Rwandan crisis.
  ecological crisis 0.86   An ecological crisis proved even more dramatic.
  thai crisis 0.86   We cannot wait five years in light ofthe Thai crisis.
  unfolding crisis 0.86   Megawati has not publicly commented on the unfolding crisis.
  deeper crisis 0.79   The clash places the fragile Yugoslav federation into deeper crisis.
  funding crisis 0.79   Past funding crises have been averted with minimal controversy.
  general crisis 0.79   This is part of a more general crisis now faced by art music.
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