greatest crisis 0.79   The scandal caused the greatest constitutional crisis of modern times.
  earlier crisis 0.72   Unlike in earlier Gulf crises, there was no sign of panic in Israel.
  emotional crisis 0.72   A neat, mild emotional crisis per booty shaker also is provided.
  haitian crisis 0.72   But it also is true that the Haitian crisis has created some intriguing political paradoxes.
  minor crisis 0.72   This, my dears, is a minor crisis.
  north_korean crisis 0.72   In June, Carter interceded to defuse the North Korean crisis.
  renewed crisis 0.72   A renewed crisis in health care is brewing.
  unexpected crisis 0.72   The unexpected crises are now a memory.
  yearlong crisis 0.72   The loans aim to help Turkey recover from a yearlong economic crisis.
  european crisis 0.66   And without answers we will have a European political crisis.
  imminent crisis 0.66   There is not an imminent crisis over the issue.
  insurance crisis 0.66   The insurance crisis can be resolved.
  italian crisis 0.66   Italian crisis overshadows EU currency talks.
  massive crisis 0.66   A war could also deepen a massive economic crisis in Turkey.
  sudden crisis 0.66   Consider the moment when Bush was asked how he would respond to another sudden global financial crisis.
  temporary crisis 0.66   At first, I thought this was a temporary crisis.
  argentinian crisis 0.59   With updated text and photo on the argentinian crisis.
  further crisis 0.59   But he said the potential for further crisis is great.
  institutional crisis 0.59   Samper clung to power, but the institutional crisis emboldened the FARC.
  japanese crisis 0.59   He also doubted the Japanese crisis will worsen.
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