liberian crisis 0.59   U.S. distancing itself from Liberian crisis.
  nationwide crisis 0.59   The roots of the problem mirror the crisis nationwide.
  particular crisis 0.59   It was prompted by no particular crisis.
  spiritual crisis 0.59   That experience led to a spiritual crisis.
  worldwide crisis 0.59   Even before that, gains in longevity could bring a worldwide economic crisis, experts warn.
  worse crisis 0.59   Officials said it was the worse water crisis in years.
  developing crisis 0.53   APTV reports focus on the developing crisis.
  due crisis 0.53   Banks are now facing a severe crisis due to huge non-performing loans and excess liquidity.
  local crisis 0.53   It became a local banking crisis in the later stages of the crisis.
  managing crisis 0.53   Samper himself has said being a president in Colombia requires managing crises.
  repeated crisis 0.53   For weeks, Bateman rode a roller-coaster of repeated crises.
  same crisis 0.53   And senators have the same personal crises as everyone else.
  subsequent crisis 0.53   The subsequent Russian economic crisis created further turmoil.
  broader crisis 0.46   A broader crisis could stretch the agency dangerously thin, they add.
  early crisis 0.46   He faced one early crisis.
  electoral crisis 0.46   The electoral crisis comes at a critical moment for Venezuela.
  emerging crisis 0.46   TAPS may be one solution to what some experts fear is an emerging national crisis.
  ensuing crisis 0.46   In the ensuing crisis, everyone reverted to familiar form.
  gathering crisis 0.46   Responding to the gathering humanitarian crisis, the agency launched an emergency programme of aid.
  hostage-taking crisis 0.46   The hostage-taking crisis was the latest sign of unrest in the impoverished ex-Soviet republic in Central Asia.
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