huge crisis 0.46   Hudson calls this a huge crisis.
  kidnapping crisis 0.46   Some kidnapping crises have lasted for weeks, but most end without bloodshed.
  larger crisis 0.46   There is, however, a larger crisis facing the Big One in the Big Easy.
  periodic crisis 0.46   Not surprisingly, periodic crises arise.
  second crisis 0.46   That was when the second crisis broke.
  short-term crisis 0.46   Still, resolving the short-term crisis had come to seem paramount.
  the crisis 0.46   He also said that the two crises were different.
  zairian crisis 0.46   But Annan usefully focuses international attention on the Zairian crisis.
  big crisis 0.39   We have a big crisis in Mostar.
  bigger crisis 0.39   If it fails to do this, then a bigger crisis can be expected.
  bloody crisis 0.39   Oil prices slump on Arafat release, stock buildcerns in the market about the bloody Middle East crisis.
  cabinet crisis 0.39   A special cabinet crisis team, headed by Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto has also been set up.
  coming crisis 0.39   Experts say the coming crisis was clear as early as last September.
  cuban crisis 0.39   In October came the Cuban crisis.
  debilitating crisis 0.39   ...years of debilitating economic crisis.
  full crisis 0.39   This political row threatens to grow into a full blown crisis.
  labour crisis 0.39   A strike vote there would spread the labour crisis across the whole country.
  longstanding crisis 0.39   Smith said the latest confrontations reminded people there is a longstanding crisis to be resolved.
  old crisis 0.39   He came back inside and remembered an old crisis.
  parliamentary crisis 0.39   They argued that Kazakhstan needs stability during the parliamentary crisis.
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