presidential crisis 0.39   But any serious presidential crisis could turn into a huge handicap for Gore.
  public crisis 0.39   Somehow the bedding became a public crisis after I sought advice from friends.
  so-called crisis 0.39   The childhood friends have been through their so-called crises.
  specific crisis 0.39   Specific crises in Europe.
  sterling crisis 0.39   ...a sterling crisis that forced the bank rate up.
  terrorist crisis 0.39   But in the current terrorist crisis, Blair has proved himself a friend indeed.
  violent crisis 0.39   In another incident in the sporadically violent crisis, two postal managers were held overnight near Strasbourg in eastern France.
  widening crisis 0.39   Russia was part of widening international economic crisis that has now hit Wall Street, threatening the economic boom that has kept his popularity afloat.
  agricultural crisis 0.33   The other half, they say, comes from an agricultural crisis rooted in North Korean farming methods.
  annual crisis 0.33   Since then the dispute has thrown Northern Ireland into an annual crisis.
  approaching crisis 0.33   ...the approaching crisis.
  blown crisis 0.33   This political row threatens to grow into a full blown crisis.
  burgeoning crisis 0.33   The burgeoning financial crisis has prompted long lines of customers withdrawing their money.
  complex crisis 0.33   Some Western authorities doubt that a Likud government would be able to do much to solve the complex crisis.
  constant crisis 0.33   Ochs was in constant crisis.
  dangerous crisis 0.33   Everywhere he turns, it seems, President George W. Bush faces another dangerous international crisis that defies a simple solution.
  deteriorating crisis 0.33   He said the government appeared confused about how the deteriorating economic crisis could be solved.
  dire crisis 0.33   Bulgaria is in a dire economic crisis.
  eastern crisis 0.33   A question is whether the eastern crisis will derail national elections promised in May, but canceled twice before.
  explosive crisis 0.33   Recently, public confidence in these outside audits has been shaken by a number of explosive financial crises.
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