company make use of 1.12   Most private companies make extensive use of computers.
  firm make use of 0.46   Private firms that make use of the sign pay a fee that goes into a trust fund established to maintain it.
  way make use of 0.46   It will be a wonderful way to make use of a crate of oranges.
  government make use of 0.33   It is metaphor every government can make use of.
  right make use of 0.33   The nations say developing countries have the right to make use of their sustainable resources.
  system make use of 0.33   Biomass systems make use of plant and other organic material to produce energy.
  technique make use of 0.33   Secondly, the current technique makes no use of function words.
  designer make use of 0.26   Its designers have made good use of lighting.
  equipment make use of 0.26   And equipment that makes no use of radio frequencies can also cause interference.
  family make use of 0.26   Zerguini was reprimanded because his family made generous use of Salt Lake-paid trips and gifts.
  film make use of 0.26   The film makes effective use of music.
  people make use of 0.26   Advocates hope that with more education, more young people will make use of protection orders.
  student make use of 0.26   We hope students make use of the new facilities.
  works make use of 0.26   Other works made artful use of earth and air.
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