make use of technology 1.12   Disney, of course, makes full use of modern technology.
  make use of time 0.72   Try to make good use of your time.
  make use of information 0.66   The goal was to make better use of information from the calls.
  make use of facility 0.59   It also has made some use of military facilities in Pakistan.
  make use of resource 0.59   Choose larger packs - these make better use of resources.
  make use of opportunity 0.46   Holbrooke should make bold use of this opportunity.
  make use of power 0.46   But as soon as the bad events occurred, they made full use of those powers.
  make use of space 0.46   So I made use of the space.
  make use of computer 0.39   Most private companies make extensive use of computers.
  make use of service 0.39   Open an office so that people who want to make use of its services can call them.
  make use of advantage 0.33   Competitors say Check Point made good use of its advantage.
  make use of medium 0.33   No comedian made better use of the medium.
  make use of program 0.33   Schwab will not have control over the bank customers who make use of its program.
  make use of aid 0.26   Bangladesh in the last two decades has not been able to make proper use of the aid it has received.
  make use of fact 0.26   The last of these electrical methods makes use of the fact that there is a change in pH in an electrolyte in the vicinity of an electrode.
  make use of film 0.26   To make use of film already shot of a naked and pregnant Demi Moore?
  make use of land 0.26   They contend that the government cannot prevent them from making use of their land without adequate compensation.
  make use of law 0.26   Prosecutors also make heavy use of trespassing laws.
  make use of material 0.26   As the director, he made use of material from the world of science in books meant for lay readers.
  make use of water 0.26   Farmers overexploit ground water while making poor use of surface water.
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