overcome problem 29.10   Quoted shares may overcome this problem.
  overcome obstacle 16.66   Overcoming obstacles.
  overcome difference 10.01   Such differences should be overcome, he said.
  overcome fear 8.43   Curiosity overcame her fear.
  overcome difficulty 6.71   He never completely overcame his difficulties.
  overcome resistance 6.32   To overcome this resistance a champion is needed.
  overcome adversity 5.99   Overcoming adversity.
  overcome hurdle 5.99   Great hurdles must be overcome.
  overcome opposition 5.60   They say popular opposition will be overcome.
  overcome loss 4.87   Can Germany overcome the loss of Michael Ballack?
  overcome injury 4.61   They overcame injuries.
  overcome crisis 3.82   We have overcome crises like these in the past.
  overcome barrier 3.23   The barriers can be overcome.
  overcome challenge 2.83   Both must overcome challenges to keep playing.
  overcome objection 2.50   This would require overcoming the objections of China.
  overcome odd 2.50   Einstein overcame the odds.
  overcome concern 2.24   In other states, commercial appeal has apparently overcome such concerns.
  overcome lack 2.17   The Cowboys overcame the lack of a pass rush to win the game.
  overcome deficit 1.91   The Astros overcame the deficit in the fifth.
  overcome lot 1.84   We all overcame a lot.
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