overcome qualifier 0.26   Boris Becker struggled to overcome qualifier Emilio Alvarez of Spain in the second round of the German Open here on Wednesday.
  overcome rejection 0.26   He also is an expert at overcoming rejection.
  overcome roadblock 0.26   He has had to win friends and influence prominent people as he has overcome roadblocks along the way.
  overcome sale 0.26   Campbell, the maker of snacks, sauces and soups, has been struggling to overcome flat sales of its canned soups.
  overcome shortfall 0.26   Khan said efforts were underway to overcome electricity shortfalls that have led to regular rationing of power.
  overcome stalemate 0.26   He met with political leaders there in a bid to overcome a stalemate over electing a new president for the province.
  overcome team 0.26   With the lineup the Red Sox have, they are capable of overcoming any team.
  overcome tension 0.26   Ecevit said he hoped that the two countries would overcome the tensions.
  overcome time 0.26   We especially love testimonials of people who overcome tough times.
  overcome trepidation 0.26   So Novack overcame his trepidation.
  overcome turmoil 0.26   The economy of the Asia-Pacific countries are strong enough to overcome the turmoil.
  overcome turnover 0.26   They might be able to overcome the turnovers.
  overcome type 0.26   There are two possible suggestions to try to overcome this type of situation.
  overcome urge 0.26   Fortunately for the kid and my relationship with his grandmother, I overcame the urge to dump him on his head.
  overcome victim 0.26   The victims were mainly overcome by fumes.
  overcome walk 0.26   After overcoming four walks in the first two innings, he retired nine straight batters.
  overcome wind 0.26   Roddick overcame gusty wind that threw his serve off course and rallied to beat Coria.
  overcome woe 0.26   Fleming said he was confident the Kiwis could overcome their woes in time for the test.
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