overcome doubt 1.78   Camby is used to overcoming doubt.
  overcome addiction 1.71   Eventually she managed to overcome her addiction to alcohol.
  overcome effect 1.58   Hostetler has worked hard to overcome the effects of his shoulder surgery.
  overcome prejudice 1.58   They have to overcome the prejudice.
  overcome shortage 1.58   They have overcome fuel shortages created by a lack of pitching arms.
  overcome feeling 1.51   To overcome those feelings, she puts on her skates.
  overcome shyness 1.51   I overcame my shyness.
  overcome image 1.45   They were trying to overcome that image in attracting free agents.
  overcome reluctance 1.45   So he overcame his reluctance and agreed.
  overcome hardship 1.38   But then, Dinsdale is used to overcoming hardships.
  overcome legacy 1.38   Knox has had to overcome a legacy of bad talent decisions.
  overcome perception 1.38   How do you overcome the perception of the club?
  overcome weakness 1.38   Overcome your weaknesses.
  overcome division 1.32   Delegates scramble to overcome divisions over action plan for U.N.
  overcome handicap 1.25   Together we will overcome that handicap.
  overcome setback 1.25   But he maintained he would overcome the setback.
  overcome cancer 1.18   American overcomes cancer to win.
  overcome disadvantage 1.18   No one has been able to overcome their disadvantages.
  overcome reputation 1.18   Can the sport overcome its reputation as a novelty act?
  overcome mistake 1.12   Championship teams overcome their mistakes.
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