overcome delay 1.05   Olympic organizers have made strides in overcoming serious delays.
  overcome limitation 1.05   For her, the expedition is all about overcoming limitations.
  overcome shortcoming 0.99   For most of her career, toughness has overcome shortcomings.
  overcome stigma 0.99   It can be tough overcoming that stigma.
  overcome pain 0.92   She needed to overcome the pain.
  overcome poverty 0.92   Having overcome poverty, no one looks back.
  overcome series 0.92   It took Peru years to overcome a series of still unsolved attacks.
  overcome deadlock 0.86   Unable to overcome the deadlock, the Security Council could not choose a new secretary-general.
  overcome history 0.86   - Can Cameroon overcome history?
  overcome dispute 0.79   Trinidad, Venezuela overcome a dispute over fishing rights to join forces on oil and natural gas.
  overcome distrust 0.79   Both rebel and government officials will have to overcome distrust if peace is to last.
  overcome impasse 0.79   The U.S. Army is sending special mediators who will try to overcome such impasses.
  overcome people 0.79   Fifty people were overcome by the gas.
  overcome skepticism 0.79   Analysts say White will have to overcome considerable skepticism.
  overcome trauma 0.79   Seles appears to have overcome her trauma.
  overcome year 0.79   Women in particular, she says, must overcome years of Mexican tradition.
  overcome absence 0.72   If you listened to the hype, the Trojans had enough talent without Palmer to overcome his absence.
  overcome disagreement 0.72   U.S. officials say they think the disagreement can be overcome.
  overcome disappointment 0.72   All previous disappointments were overcome.
  overcome force 0.72   In him, today, we can overcome the forces of evil.
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