overcome condition 0.53   We overcame that condition, like we did several of the other ones.
  overcome discrimination 0.53   For others the program helps them overcome age discrimination.
  overcome disease 0.53   Gina put up a real fight to overcome the disease.
  overcome evil 0.53   We cannot use evil means to overcome evil.
  overcome gap 0.53   Now, he says, he has overcome that gap.
  overcome hostility 0.53   That fear motivated them to overcome the hostility and get a deal done.
  overcome phobia 0.53   It does feel good to overcome a phobia.
  overcome stress 0.53   Confidence, Minner said, is essential to overcoming stress.
  overcome suspicion 0.53   Korac, a leader of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia that backs Kostunica, said these suspicions would be overcome.
  overcome thing 0.53   He just overcomes things.
  overcome apprehension 0.46   But he overcame his apprehension with hard work.
  overcome aversion 0.46   But last February Grimsley overcame his aversion to using the concourse.
  overcome bitterness 0.46   They are not unwilling to forgive and overcome their bitterness.
  overcome bogey 0.46   Turner overcame three bogeys with eight birdies.
  overcome burden 0.46   The Rams have to overcome the burden of being the Rams.
  overcome deficiency 0.46   South Carolina and Duke could not overcome their deficiencies.
  overcome disaster 0.46   He said the people and the government have the ability to overcome the disaster.
  overcome dyslexia 0.46   He had to overcome dyslexia.
  overcome error 0.46   But there is no resiliency now on the club to overcome errors.
  overcome jinx 0.46   This time Wang could not overcome the jinx and only rarely did he and Lu look capable of retaining the title.
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