overcome kind 0.46   The Bulls overcame all kinds of adversity.
  overcome mistrust 0.46   Sewall is trying to overcoming this mistrust.
  overcome nervousness 0.46   He appeared to have overcome his nervousness.
  overcome racism 0.46   As for the children today, Farmer calls them the key to overcoming racism in America.
  overcome shock 0.46   Since then, Morrison has tried to overcome the shock.
  overcome woman 0.46   Flush with gratitude, would women not be overcome by the vapors?
  overcome argument 0.39   The tribe was able to overcome the argument.
  overcome competition 0.39   The team overcame fierce competition for their place in the finals.
  overcome conflict 0.39   Being in the public eye makes their conflicts harder to overcome.
  overcome death 0.39   Resurrection overcomes death.
  overcome drop 0.39   The biggest challenge may be overcoming the drop in confidence caused by fear.
  overcome enmity 0.39   The parties have not overcome their enmity.
  overcome fatigue 0.39   McKie had his blood tested Tuesday to determine if he needed intravenous replenishment to overcome his fatigue.
  overcome habit 0.39   It will not be easy to overcome that habit.
  overcome homer 0.39   At Tucson, Ariz., Arizona scored four runs in the eighth inning to overcome two homers by Larry Walker.
  overcome inflation 0.39   I have the fullest confidence that the government can overcome this inflation by taking proper measures.
  overcome jitter 0.39   Jason Kidd has a hip pointer, and Shawn Marion is trying to overcome playoff jitters.
  overcome nerve 0.39   Far more pressing, she said, is overcoming her nerves.
  overcome presumption 0.39   Acquaintance overcomes the presumption.
  overcome situation 0.39   However, he said the group will take a few measures to overcome the situation before it worsens.
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