overcome struggle 0.39   Ms. Tilberis had recently overcome a struggle with ovarian cancer.
  overcome taboo 0.39   But in places like Uganda, the taboo has been overcome.
  overcome tragedy 0.39   DATIN May Lee Leong has overcome personal tragedy and turned her life into a shining example.
  overcome veto 0.39   Observers agree that the legislature would not have the votes to overcome a veto.
  overcome abuse 0.33   In recent years he has been struggling to overcome cocaine abuse.
  overcome battle 0.33   She is talented and effervescent and has overcome a battle with bulimia.
  overcome charge 0.33   He was an undisputed cruiserweight champion who overcame charges he was a blown-up heavyweight.
  overcome decline 0.33   In Hong Kong, share prices rose as late buying overcame early declines.
  overcome demand 0.33   They have had to first overcome sluggish demand, falling prices, then the Kobe earthquake.
  overcome effort 0.33   The Senate began debating the FDA legislation Friday after overcoming an effort to block action.
  overcome filibuster 0.33   In addition, Republicans may need Democratic votes to overcome a filibuster on the Senate floor.
  overcome hesitation 0.33   But their hesitations have been overcome in the last two days.
  overcome increase 0.33   The number of obstacles that are overcome increases each day of the mission.
  overcome inertia 0.33   The group helped me overcome my inertia and lose weight.
  overcome inexperience 0.33   Leonard overcomes his inexperience with measured precision.
  overcome infertility 0.33   But overcoming male infertility has proven extremely difficult, according to Givens.
  overcome law 0.33   They cannot overcome basic laws of physics.
  overcome memory 0.33   But Ronagul has trouble overcoming the memories of war.
  overcome most 0.33   Most were overcome by tear gas or beaten.
  overcome mountain 0.33   The company is struggling to overcome a mountain of debt accumulated through rapid expansion in recent years.
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