overcome pair 0.33   Valdes also overcame a pair of errors that led to a pair of baserunners in the sixth.
  overcome penchant 0.33   He has worked hard to overcome his penchant for dropping passes.
  overcome player 0.33   But Karpov, still confident he could overcome a player ranked several hundred points below him, tried for victory.
  overcome qualm 0.33   Just as Washington overcame his qualms, so clearly will many others.
  overcome restriction 0.33   Alliances with major airlines would overcome restrictions imposed by bilateral air accords, he said.
  overcome rivalry 0.33   It will be difficult for a merged Italian-German business to overcome internecine rivalries and provide superior service at a reasonable cost.
  overcome string 0.33   Mueller will face the challenge of overcoming a string of FBI problems.
  overcome surgery 0.33   He is trying to overcome elbow surgery that has kept him out of baseball for five years.
  overcome terror 0.33   In the end, hope overcame terror.
  overcome violence 0.33   So what hope is there to overcome violence?
  overcome worker 0.33   Five rescue workers were also overcome by fumes.
  overcome wound 0.33   He showed even greater courage overcoming the wounds of war.
  overcome animosity 0.26   A parliamentary cabinet system more easily overcomes animosity between rival provinces, he said.
  overcome apartheid 0.26   A theme park exploring the struggle to overcome apartheid is planned.
  overcome complacency 0.26   They urged renewed efforts at prevention to overcome the complacency.
  overcome complaint 0.26   It helps overcome many complaints, particularly in the abdominal area.
  overcome cost 0.26   But it is hard to prove that doing away with it would bring such powerful benefits as to overcome the costs of doing so.
  overcome danger 0.26   Those dangers are overcome, finally and painfully, as he reconstitutes his social roles as father, husband, son and king.
  overcome darkness 0.26   Light overcomes the darkness.
  overcome defense 0.26   I think last year we were a good example that you can overcome defense, but we need to try to improve on it.
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