overcome depression 0.26   In the end, de Gaulle overcame his depression by breaking the impasse.
  overcome deprivation 0.26   She eventually overcame the deprivations of her childhood.
  overcome distraction 0.26   Woods overcame other distractions during his round.
  overcome drawback 0.26   To overcome these drawbacks an alternative procedure known as differential scanning calorimetry is used.
  overcome earnings 0.26   Blue chips had a stronger advance, overcoming an earnings warning by Whirlpool and weaker-than-expected November retail sales.
  overcome embarrassment 0.26   They start to giggle, humor trying to overcome embarrassment.
  overcome failure 0.26   But those additions were not enough to overcome failure in the kicking game.
  overcome flaw 0.26   Then again, the Lakers are capable of overcoming their flaws.
  overcome friction 0.26   It means that energy is required to overcome the friction as well as to move forward.
  overcome grief 0.26   Grief must be overcome.
  overcome impact 0.26   They rely on Turkey for the flow of aid to northern Iraq to overcome the impact of an economic embargo by Baghdad.
  overcome inconsistency 0.26   Mitchell must overcome his inconsistency in big games.
  overcome inequality 0.26   Even with a more aggressive policy of positive discrimination, it is doubtful whether geographical inequalities can be overcome.
  overcome inhibition 0.26   If you want to overcome inhibitions, pay attention to your breathing while making love.
  overcome insecurity 0.26   I long ago overcame any insecurities about being the son of a famous man.
  overcome limit 0.26   But federal officials tried to overcome the limits of the law.
  overcome negative 0.26   Thorpe feels he rose to the test and overcame the negative.
  overcome optimism 0.26   U.K. gilts fell as a decline in German bunds overcame optimism the British economy is slowing enough to keep inflation subdued.
  overcome play 0.26   It took the Giants a while to overcome the play.
  overcome power 0.26   The young man who works behind the counter wondered how Haitians could overcome the powers.
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